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Adirondack Helping HandsĀ is approved by New York State Department of Education, as well as, The Clinton, Essex and Franklin County Health Departments to provide the following intervention services:


Our dedicated clinicians have experience and knowledge in working with children that have:
*Developmental delays in speech/language, social, adaptive, cognitive, and/or motor skills to include -
*Down Syndrome
*Feeding Disorders *Behavior modification programs
*Traumatic brain injury Yet, regardless of diagnosis, we will customize a program to best meet your child's needs!

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Student Spotlight.

Student Spotlight

Jason Willis

James has clearly demonstrated helping others and loves painting his favorite things.
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If you would like more information about the Early Intervention Program, please contact the Clinton County Health Department at 518-565-4848. If you would like more information about the Preschool Program, contact the school district in which you reside. Both programs are free of charge if your child is eligible.

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